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Angling Seasons

Salmon and Sea Trout

01 February - 31 October (no fishing on Sunday, all sea trout to be returned after 31 August)

Brown Trout - 15 March - 6 October

Grayling - 15 November - 15 January

There are also escapee Rainbow Trout in the river. If you catch them please ensure that they are killed and not returned - they are not native and compete with the indigenous species.

River Earn Day Ticket Prices - non-members

Salmon & Sea Trout 

· £20 Daily, from 1st Feb to 31st July (no bait fishing before 1st May).

· £30 Daily, from 1st Aug to 15th Oct (all sea trout to be returned after 31 Aug; no Saturday fishing in October).

Brown Trout 

· £10 Daily (juniors £3), from 15th. Mar. to 6th. Oct. (All legal methods, no night fishing)


£10 Daily (juniors £3), from 15th Nov to 15th Jan (on Drummond Castle water only).

Day tickets can be purchased from:

Garden Centre (Open 7 days. 9.00am – 5.00pm)
Crieff Visitor Centre
Muthill Road
Garden Centre enquiries Tel: 01764 652722

Drummond Loch Prices

Club Members

£12.00/day per boat if fishing alone.

£20.00/day per boat with 2 fishing

Fly only - 3 boats available (No bank fishing allowed)

Bag limit = Maximum of 2 fish per rod per day.


£30.00/day per boat if fishing alone.

£50.00/day per boat with 2 fishing

Electric outboards are allowed ( No Petrol)

Parking available within the confines of the loch & at Bennybeg.
Club Membership - contact the Secretary on 01764 656063 or download the Membership Application from the link on the Home Page.