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Club Rules

Below are the basic Club Rules that apply to Members and Visitors. Specific Rules and Guidance that can be downloaded is available for the River Earn, Drummond Loch and Loch Turrent.

1.    This ticket is not transferable.

2.    Fishing is to be by single rod and line on Club waters only. The use of floats, set lines, rod rests, live and diving minnows, prawns, shrimps and any other illegal bait is prohibited. Fires are not allowed.

3.    Permits and ID Cards must be produced for examination to Bailiffs and Club members on request.

4.    Members are prohibited from taking with them any dog, ferret, gun or any instrument for killing game. Damage must not be caused to fences, trees or any other property.

5.   Continuous fishing for more that three casts from the same position is not allowed. A new arrival must not fish in front of a person already fishing regardless of the bank without their permission.

6.   All fish under ten inches to be returned to the water. The taking of parr or salmon fry is prohibited.

7.    Bait fishing is not allowed before 1st May.

8.    Members bind themselves to give information against anyone breaking Clue Rules.

9.   Fishing with bait is by single hook only. Maximum hook size is Size 1. Only one hook allowed per lure.

10.   Lead core lines are not permitted.

11.    During September and October fishing is restricted to one hour before dawn and one hour after dark.

12.    Sunday fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout is not allowed.

13.    Vehicles must not be driven on to Estate land.

14.    Individual Loch rules apply to all Loch fishing.

15.    Membership will cease when (1) A return of fish caught, including Nil returns, is not returned by 10 Nov, and (2) Ordinary member's subscriptions remain unpaid on 15th March.

16.    Grayling fishing 15 Nov - 15 Jan. No wading or crossing.

17.    The use of gaffs, tailers and knotted nets are prohibited.

18.    Maximum of four Brown Trout to be taken per angler per day.

19.   Killing more than one Salmon per day before June is prohibited (No fish may be taken when the river is Cat 3).

20.    No Sea Trout fishing after August.

21.    All Hen Salmon must be returned after August.