Picture Gallery

Here is a selection of pictures showing the some of the pools and runs on the club water.

2015 - 
John Paterson 21lb Templemill Upstream A nice 4lb Sea Trout The Lennoch (Upper Strowan) Drummond Castle - 
17lbs Drummond Loch
Dornoch Dam (Drummond Castle) Coup Stream (Drummond Castle) Cememt Dyke (Drummond Castle) Braidhaugh upstream
2019 Drummond Loch Stocking 10lb Back Ender
10lb Srpinger 20160403-BW-8 A yard of tartan - 15lb Back End fish Lennoch Burn Work 13lb Springer 051015_Paterson 8lb April Springer
0605_Ford   3lb Sea Trout rails lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1