Club membership is available to anyone over 18 that supports the Club's aims and undertakes to abide by the Rules.

There are two types of membership:

Local - available to all those that live within 6 miles of Crieff. The cost is 120 per year.

Country - for all those not local. Country membership is 170. Applications are held by the Secretary until there is room on the list at which time applicants will be contacted to confirm their wish to take up membership.

Joining fee - there is a 20 joining (administration) fee payable the first year that membership is taken out. Late returns, brakes in membership etc will result in the joining/administration fee being re-charged.

An application form is available as a Word Doc or pdf (better for Apple)

Child Protection: Crieff Angling Club are affiliated to SANA Limited and will abide by their child protection policy, details of which can be found on SANA's web site here