Crieff Angling Club Catch Return 2018

Section 1 - About you

All Club Members should complete this first section of the form.

First Name:

Club Membership number:
Email Address:
Do you wish to make a NIL return for 2018? NO YES

Note: You should only make a Nil return if you caught no fish on Club waters - excluding Drummond Loch - that club rules would have allowed you to keep.

Section 2 - Details of fish caught on Club waters

Month Beat Fish returned or kept? No of Salmon Total weight of Salmon lb No of Grilse Total weight of Grilse lb No of Sea Trout Total weight of Sea Trout lb No of Brown Trout Total weight of Brown Trout lb

Additional information about catch returns


Crieff Angling Club is required to submit catch returns to the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board and to the owners of waters that we lease. We need to be able to report catch information separately for

  • each beat
  • each month
  • total number and weight of each type of fish
  • fish returned and fish kept

This is a significant legal responsibility for the club, and to meet it we rely on individual club members to submit accurate and timely catch returns at the end of the season. Because this is important, failure to submit a correctly completed catch return by 10th November will normally lead to loss of club membership.

In the past, preparing these returns has involved a great deal of work in a short space of time at the end of each season. Members have had to fill in a paper form then take it or post it to the club. Club officers, and the Club Secretary in particular, had to process hundreds of paper returns received from members and then compile and analyse the total numbers.

It's just not practical for the club to continue to operate in such a labour-intensive, inefficient way, and we need to reduce this and other parts of the administrative workload.

Electronic returns using this online system are quick and easy for members to complete, and they make it far easier and faster for the club to process the data from members and produce overall catch returns.

Completing a catch return

To be sure that our overall club returns are accurate, it is essential that all members submit a catch return for the year, even if they did not fish on club waters at all. So we need all members to complete the first section of the form.

  • First name, surname and club membership number are required.

  • All members are asked to enter an email address that can be used to contact them. This is not mandatory in 2014, but the club needs to find ways to communicate more effectively and efficiently with members, and email is the ideal way to do that. So we want as soon as possible to have an email contact address for ALL club members.

  • This catch return form applies to Club waters on the River Earn and Loch Turret. It does not include Drummond Loch, for which returns are made separately. The beats on the Earn are Drummond Castle beat, Strowan beat and Braidhaugh beat. Please remember that Braidhaugh beat is the south bank only of the Earn above the town bridge - the north bank is part of Drummond Castle beat.

  • If you did NOT catch any salmon, grilse, sea trout or brown trout on these waters which club rules would have allowed you to keep, you should make a NIL return by selecting YES instead of NO in Section 1.

  • If you are making a Nil return, no further information is required, so you can then go to Section 3 and click on the "Submit Catch Return" button.

Unless you are making a NIL return, you should use Section 2 of the form to provide a full return.

When completing Section 2 of the form, please :

  • Use the drop-down menus to select the combinations of month, beat and returned/kept that are relevant for you and enter total number and weight of fish of each kind.
  • Enter the weight of fish in pounds (lb) not in kilos.
  • Only enter information for months/beats where you did catch fish.
  • Only include fish that you caught, landed/netted and could have legally kept. Do not include kelts, gravid fish, under-sized fish or any sea trout after August.

When you have entered all the fish you caught in the year, please check the form carefully to make sure it is accurate.

Submitting your return

Once you are happy that your return is correct, we suggest that you print or save a copy for your own records.

Then click the "Submit Catch Return" button to send the information to the club.

A message should then quickly appear on your screen confirming receipt of the data. If this does not happen, please wait for a minute and click the Submit button again.

If you still do not see a confirmation message, or if you encounter any other difficulties when using this form, please email with a short description of the problem.